Another Mimosa Please

It has been another wonderful day in New York City and I’m getting more and more tempted to take advantage of my American citizenship and move here.

We started this morning with a visit to Brooklyn flea market in Industry City. It was in a huge warehouse and there were stalls selling everything from vintage clothes to records to art prints to furniture and antiques and little knick knacks. There was also a lovely selection of food and drink stalls from all over the world. I had tacos with refried beans, avocado, and a great homemade salsa and Holly had a green tea waffle with ice cream that was truly spectacular. We browsed the stalls for a while but the stuff was quite pricey. I saw a few nice things- maps and picture frames that were too bulky to transport home, but Holly got some great drawer handles for her van.

For the first time this trip, we took the subway up to Manhattan, enjoying the beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge. We spent some time wandering round the East Village, doing some shopping and weaving up and down the streets. We checked out the Urban Outfitters which is a fraction of the price of the U.K., and I found a lovely sports bra down from $50 to $10. Even when prices aren’t marked down that low, often you’ll get to the till to find the price is even lower than it states. We browsed some shoe shops and spent a while in Anthropologie which had some stunning homeware.

In the afternoon, we met up with my brother, Bailey, and his fiancĂ©, Tash at a bar called Lillie’s near Union Square. It was coincidence that they are in New York at the same time as them, so great to see them. The bar had American food and a selection of cocktails that were quite unique, or traditional ones with a bit of a twist. I ended up with one that tasted like Coltar soap and was barely drinkable, so that was disappointing.

Afterwards we had another wander around some shops, then strolled down to Greenwich Village. We stopped at a lesbian bar called The Cubbyhole, which was quirkily decorated with a ceiling covered I. Dangling fish, snowflakes, umbrellas and other objects, and packed full of people. It was happy hour do we drank mimosas for a while and chatted to some of the locals, but we left fairly early evening to take the Subway back to Brooklyn.

It has been yet another brilliant day and I’m just living the decadent lifestyle we’re leading. It’s great to just soak up the vibes…eating, drinking and shopping. I love the New York lifestyle!