Blogging Goals 2018

I am thrilled to be writing a post on my blogging goals for 2018. I’m writing this piece in the hope of winning The Golden Ticket to The Bloggers Retreat, a 3 day getaway in rural Somerset run by Twins That Travel and The Travel Hack where bloggers will get together to grow their skillset, learning from the best of the best.

The event looks spectacular. A stunning setting (you know how I feel about the glorious British countryside), luxurious accommodation and the opportunity to take my blogging to the next level. I’m a kinaesthetic learner and have often found that immersive courses supercharge my skills beyond recognition.

I wrote a post about my Goals for 2018 which incorporated ideas about how I want my blog to grow, amongst other things. But for this post, I am going to going to look at my blog-specific goals in more detail.


Blogging goals 3

  • I want to ensure that every bit of content I put out is something I am proud of. This means spending plenty of time editing, as that’s when I really get the most out of my writing.
  • It’s time to up my photography game. I have been shooting on my phone until now, but with this goal in mind, I have just purchased a second hand DSLR and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can get upskilling. I have already started studying the theory, but I know playing around with the settings and different shots is where the magic will happen.
  • One of my biggest goals is for my blog to add value to other people’s lives. Whether that’s writing more ‘how to’ posts, gear reviews, ideas for adventures and more on the benefits of the outdoors on mental health. My growing life of adventure has been inspired by others who take on challenges, and I hope to pass what I’m learning on to budding adventurers.
  • Content isn’t just writing and photography, so in 2018, I aim to delve into the worlds of video and podcasting.

Growth and Engagement

Blogging goals 5

  • A huge goal is for my blog to reach more people, hopefully inspiring them to get outside more and have their own adventures. The number of visitors to my blog has grown significantly since I started putting my writing out publicly, but my reach is still small. I plan to change this.
  • Which brings me to social media – I want to reach 3,000 Twitter followers and 1,000 on Instagram.
  • I want to get much better at SEO so people can find what they’re looking for from posts I have written through a Google search.
  • I plan to attend more blogger events in 2018, as these are fantastic for building skills and networking with other bloggers and brands.


Blogging goals 6

  • I’m going to pitch to brands I want to work with in 2018. Even if it scares me. I’m getting together a spreadsheet of my dream brands, brainstorming creative ideas, and thinking about what I can offer them.
  • There is a BIG adventure on the horizon for me in 2019. So big, I’m quite terrified. It’s like nothing I have done before, and my self-doubt is creeping in. It involves crossing multiple countries on foot, finding a map that enables me to navigate around landmines andunderstandably there have been some naysayers. But I don’t need that negativity, and I’m going to make it happen. This year, I want to build relationships with the relevant tourist boards, and some gear brands, that will help to make my dream a reality.
  • I’d love to collaborate more with other bloggers his year. Because we all help each other to grow and learn, and this is a very special community.


Blogging goals

  • Managing the time I have to blog well is a big ambition this year. I work full time, commute, train for adventures, travel, socialise, so I have limited time to work on my blog. I want to make the best use of the time I have and prioritise the most important tasks.


These are my biggest goals for my blog for 2018, and fingers crossed I have a chance of winning The Golden Ticket to The Bloggers’ Retreat, allowing me to grow my blog, and reach more people with the the great outdoors.