What I Learned about Pitching at IceLolly.com’s Blog at the Beach

January can be a struggle. The long, dark nights, the post-Christmas comedown, the income targets at work refreshed so you’re back to square one. But luckily, my January has been a pretty sparkly one so far, and I have to give some of the credit to IceLolly.com for inviting me to their fabulous blogger engagement event, Blog at the Beach.

Blog at the beach 4

Now the lovely people over at IceLolly.com are running a competition for one influencer who attended the event to win a city break to either Prague, Berlin, Krakow, Riga, Budapest or Paris, by blogging or vlogging about their time at Blog at the Beach.

There is so much I could say about why I enjoyed it, from the opportunity to get a better understanding of IceLolly.com and how they run, to networking with bloggers I admire, to the fantastic setting in Duke Studios in Leeds. The cosy atmosphere, the ski chalet theme, the twinkly fairy lights, the exposed brickwork, the delightful lunchtime nibbles, with hot toddy on arrival made the warmest welcome for weary bloggers from around the country.

The three speakers were creators I have looked up to for some time – Queen Beady, Kirsty Leanne and Fordtogaphy. Each of them offered unique takeaways to put into action, and they were some of the strongest speakers I have seen at blogging events.

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The thing that jumped out at me the most was how important it is to put yourself out there, sell yourself and pitch to brands. This was covered in detail by Kirsty, and also touched on by Bee (who I met and is one of the loveliest humans I have come across).

This was so useful to me, that I have decided to put it into action in this very blog post. As I mentioned there is an opportunity to win a city break here. I am not merely going to write up the event, I am going to use this opportunity to openly pitch to IceLolly.com on how it would benefit their brand if I won a city break to Riga. This gives me the chance to put what I learned into practice, and hopefully help other bloggers who weren’t able to attend to soak up this vital knowledge.

So here goes.

Dear Hayley,

My name is Seanna Fallon (we chatted a bit at Blog at the Beach) and I blog over at www.seannasworld.org. I have been blogging since 2015, and writing for much longer, and share my stories about travel with an outdoors and adventure focus. I hike, I run, and I dabble in anything I can get stuck into in the great wide world, from jungle trekking in Sumatra to working towards an Arctic expedition. I use my love of exploring new places and getting out into nature to inspire others to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zones.

I absolutely love IceLolly.com for many reasons, and would relish the chance to collaborate. Your service is one I believe in – you help people to travel in an affordable and accessible way by finding the best deals for their dream destinations. Travel used to be a luxury of the wealthy, but your brand means that understanding new cultures, tasting new foods and photographing beautiful new landscapes is something that anyone can enjoy.

Your branding is something that has made you stand out to me too, with your fun ethos (which I share 100%), and fantastic ways for bloggers to get involved with your mission, from the monthly #HolidayChat on Twitter which I regularly join, to Blog at the Beach, and your openness to blogger collaborations.

I have some great ideas for content I could write about Riga, if you would like to collaborate. I have never been able to find a comprehensive blog post for adventurous things to do in and around Riga, but this is something I propose to create. I would also take a day trip out to the stunning and wild Gauja National Park, and write a blog post about how to enjoy a day there. I would of course, also be sharing the ins and outs of my discoveries on my Instagram feed and stories, as well as regular tweeting about what I am getting up to in collaboration with IceLolly.com.

So what I am asking for is a 3 night city break to Riga, as outlined in your wonderful competition.

In return, I can offer two blogs posts, as mentioned above, as well as many social media shout-outs to your brand along the way. With over 1,000 Twitter followers, around 400 Instagram followers, and an engaged following on my blog which last year had over 4,000 unique visitors and is only growing, together, we can reach a lot of people. I will work to open IceLolly.com up to a new audience of adventurers. I want to show people that city breaks aren’t all museums and fine dining, and that booking through IceLolly.com could be a vital step towards time in the outdoors with a bicycle tour or a canoe. I think we would make a fantastic, mutually beneficial collaboration.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, keep inspiring people to escape their every day and get out somewhere new. You can see some of my past write ups of city breaks with my Jerusalem Highlights and Top 5 Things To Do in Porto. You can see some of my more adventurous posts with my Jungle Hacks, New Years Eve Outdoors and see how I get out into nature on a city break in my post on Hiking Bath.    

I’ll see you sometime soon on Twitter for #HolidayChat, but please do contact me any time on swishandflick@hotmail.com about this or anything else.

Thank you for having me at Blog at the Beach – it was brilliant!

Best wishes,



So there you have it – the pitching structure I learned from Kirsty Leanne. She talked about using an introduction, to talk about why you love the brand, to share your ideas, tell them what you want and what you can offer, and close. Hopefully, I have covered these things in my open pitch, but I am wholly open to feedback from more experienced bloggers.

Beyond this skill, there is a lot I have taken away from the event. I realise I need to take my photography more seriously, and purchased a second hand DSLR the next day.

The networking was brilliant, and I came across some new blogs and social media accounts to follow, as well as having some lovely influencers let me pick their brains.

Blog at the Beach is a great event, with great people and great learnings. It benefits bloggers big and small, and gives a crystal clear insight into what a brand wants from bloggers they work with.

If you’re a blogger, get yourself on the influencers’ mailing list for future opportunities – they run them quite regularly.

Thank you IceLolly.com!

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